NAMM 2013: Gretsch unveils new snares

Bell Brass, Stave and Walnut models bolster line-up


Bell Brass Snare

Gretsch Drums is proud to introduce the Bell Brass 6 ½"x 14" 10-lug snare drum. The brushed-finish solid Bell Brass snare drum provides a distinct, cutting tone and is an excellent choice for a variety of studio and live applications.

"Bell Brass gives this snare drum great projection and presence. With Bell Brass, rimshots really crack and the side-stick timbre is clean and distinct," said Joe Mazza, Product Manager for Gretsch Snare Drums.

The Gretsch Bell Brass snare drum is fitted with 20-strand snare wire and die-cast hoops.

Walnut Snares

Boutique look from this beautiful maple-inlay walnut snare drum.

Each Gretsch walnut snare drum has a distinct chocolate brown wood-grain finish with two bands of maple inlays around the center of the shell. Available in 6 ½"x 14" 10-lug or 7"x13" 8-lug models, both Gretsch walnut snares feature 8-ply shells, 2.3mm triple-flange hoops and 20-strand snare wires.

"These Gretsch walnut snare drums produce a snappy attack with a punchy low-end," said Joe Mazza, Product Manager for Gretsch Snare Drums. "Due to the construction process and organic properties of walnut, no two drums will look alike."

The new Gretsch walnut snare drums feature a gloss lacquer finish with 30-degree shell bearing edges.

Stave Snare Drums in Oak and Cheery

Full, distinct sound from innovative stave snare drum shells.

Made with thirty vertical interlocking staves, as opposed to the traditional method of shell ply lamination, the new Gretsch Stave snare drums feature a thick 7/8" shell available in oak and cherry. Each snare drum is supplied with 3mm chrome triple-flange hoops and a Remo® Coated Ambassador® batter head.

Gretsch Stave snare drums feature a Satin Natural finish to enhance the visual characteristics of the wood, and a 45-degree bearing edge on the 6 ½"x 14" shell.

"Oak and cherry stave shells each produce a unique sound," said Joe Mazza, Product Manager for Gretsch Snare Drums. "Oak has a dry sound with less overtones while cherry has a full-bodied sound that resonates."

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