NAMM 2008: Hammerax cymbals don't need extra hardware

Introducing SkyHat hi-hats and Bash Hybrid Bronze Crashers

Hammerax has extended its cymbal range with the SkyHat hi-hat and the first model from the all-new Bash Series: Hybrid bronze crashers.

Bash hybrid bronze crashers are hand hammered and folded during Hammerax's own tempering process. A 1/2" hole drilled into the centre of the fold allows the Hybrid to mount on an existing cymbal stand so there's no need to buy more hardware. It can also be mounted on the arm of a boom stand or cymbal arm clamp with no fasteners.

This first model in the Bash brand is paper thin with two 14" sections.

SkyHat hi-hat

SkyHat cymbals can also be mounted on standard cymbal stands and arm clamps with no additional hardware.

The gap between the hats has been made smaller by inverting the cups of both top and bottom cymbals and assembling them together as a pair. This allows both centre holes to be close enough to allow the pair to be attached by standard felts and wing nuts.

The wing nuts can be tightened to control rattling sound and the felts can be used as a divider when creating a double cymbal bell.

Hammerax cymbal and crasher prices range from $50 to $750.

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