Win a Guitar Lesson With Steve Vai

This writer has been fortunate to have played guitar in front of Steve Vai during a one-on-one encounter, and what a humbling experience it was. So much so that he told me that Linda Ronstadt was looking for a new guitar player, and he didn’t mean it as a complement...although we’re pretty sure he was only ragging us.

Maybe we shouldn’t have meekly strummed Smoke on The Water in the wrong key of A whilst stroking his fave Ibanez JEM Evo...

Anyhoo, here’s an introduction on the eBay auction from Steve’s official site.

“One lucky winner will receive a one hour private guitar lesson with Steve Vai at a date, time, and location to be determined in Los Angeles, CA. The winner will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs. Winner will also receive a photo with Steve. If under 18, the winner must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.”

All proceeds will go to help Lit drummer Allen Shellenberger, who has been recently diagnosed with a serious brain tumour.

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