Dean Schenker Brothers V – We Got One!

There are 200 of them on this entire spinning blue ball o’water. Most are sold, and only a very small number will make their way over to Blighty. We’re talking about the Dean US Schenker Brothers V, natch.

Well, thanks to Mick at Bill Lewington, Dean’s UK distributor, we got our meaty mitts on #8, and what a guitar it is. It’s so over the top it’s actually cool – a little like The Scorpions, to be fair – and that design on the maple top is laser etched to perfect clarity.

Each guitar is personally signed by both Rudolf and Michael Schenker and you’re going to have to move fast to grab one.

We’ll be featuring the guitar in our March issue (GIT313) so, until then, you’ll have to make do with these shots. We’re pulling a face to take attention away from the excellently gurning design on the guitar.

Both photos (C) Dave 'Pull It To The Side' Durban...

Get your p*ss-takes!

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