Noel Gallagher in GarageBand shocker!

Dad-rockers Oasis are hardly the first band that spring to mind when considering lo-fi computer music recording, but surprisingly it transpires leader Noel Gallagher has been recording demos for the group’s new album with Apple’s entry level GarageBand software.

According to the Mancunian misanthrope he became sick of recording demos in his fully-featured studio because “the demos were starting to sound better than the records”. Quite a problem, we’re sure.

In reality we suspect that Gallagher was merely looking for an excuse to spend more time using convenient AU-format plug-ins, such as The CM Studio’s ZebraCM, Pulse Modulator and CM-505.

Check out the full interview here. We’ve got our fingers crossed that the next Oasis album will be created exclusively using Techno eJay 5. Watch this space.

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