CM Mixing Special on sale now!

If your finished tracks aren’t sounding as good as you know they could, check out The Essential Guide to Mixing, the latest CM Special. It’s an entire issue dedicated to demystifying the so-called ‘black art’, with a host of tips and tutorials that’ll help you rescue a bad mix or turn a good mix into a great one!

You’ll learn pro techniques to:
• Make your mixes LOUD
• Make the most of less-than-perfect source material
• Sweeten your sounds with EQ and effects
• Separate your sounds (and say goodbye to sonic mush)
• Add power and clarity to your music
• Carve out space for the vocals
• Place your instruments for best effect
• Use effects and dynamics processors like an expert
• Deal with a host of mixing problems, from dull tones and wimpy grooves to non-existent dynamics and unwanted noise

Computer Music Special 19: The Essential Guide to Mixing is in shops now in the UK/Europe and from 3 November in North America. To order online, go to

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