Free music software round-up: Week 75

Green Oak Crystal gets a tweak

We've lost count of the number of free plug-ins and other music-making software trinkets we've told you about in 2010, so let's just settle for saying that it's 'a lot'. We round out the year with three more: see you in 2011.

If you've got a new free music software release, make sure you let us know about it by emailing with all the details.

Mutools MuVerb

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

You may know Mutools from its free or affordable (depending on which version you choose) Mu.Lab DAW, but it's now released this "very nice sounding" reverb plug-in. MuVerb is described as a 'test version' at the moment, so the CPU-use may be a bit high, but more development is planned.

Platinumears Fla4tt3ry 2

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

A second version of the "gentle squashy" bus compressor. This update adds a slightly gentler transfer curve, tweaked attack and release smoothing, a new peak sensing mode and external sidechain inputs. Oh, and although it's a bus compressor, you can use it on channels as well.

Green Oak Crystal 2.5

Platform/format: PC, Mac/VST, AU Download

MusicRadar users' second favourite free VST plug-in in the world today doesn't get updated very often, but a recent tweak means that this multi-skilled synth (it supports subtractive, FM, granular and other tone generating methods) is now a 64-bit plug-on both Windows and OS X. There's also a new iOS version, but that's another story…