Free music software round-up: Week 102

EQs, synths and a guitar amp

Money's generally a bit tight in January, but that doesn't mean you have to go without your hit of new plug-ins. Why? Because, as ever, we're here to tell you about all the new ones that are available for free.

If you've got a new free music software release, make sure you let us know about it by emailing with all the details.

Igor Nembrini Crunck

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

A virtual guitar amp that takes inspiration from the developer's Marshall JCM800 mod 2210. It offers multi-stage distortion and two stages of output EQ, while its control panel keeps things simple.

Fsynthz The Teen Bundle

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

A free synth bundle that contains 10 instruments, all of which are based on a similar sound engine and the same control philosophy. They're designed as "a playground for morphing and randomness", so dive in and experiment.

Oceanturtle Fnequalizer

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

A paragraphic 7-band EQ that gives you bell, high and low shelf shapes to work with. There are additional low- and high-pass filters for bass/treble roll off, while a 'curve scale' feature amplifies the overall frequency response of all the bands.

Kuassa basiQ

Platform/format: PC, Mac/VST, AU Download

A nice-looking 3-band EQ that's modelled on a classic baxandall equalizer and is designed to achieve smooth shelves and natural-sounding responses. The controls are simple, and the plug-in is designed for both mixing and mastering duties. Use it to sweeten up your sound or give it some transparent 'tilt'.