Electric Guitar 101: Part 8 – Understanding intervals

Don't know your major 6th from your minor 7th? We're here to help!

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In part 8 in this series of beginner guitar lessons from our friends at JamPlay.com, we look at intervals - an easy concept to grasp, once explained, but baffling to those not in the know.

If you've found yourself wondering what fellow musicians mean when they talk about pure fourths, major seconds and fifth notes, worry not. This lesson is all about explaining how intervals (i.e. the gaps between notes in a scale) are named and how to recognise them.

Check out the video lesson below and if you like what you see, head over to JamPlay.com for more online guitar lessons.

1. Introduction/major scale intervals

2. Understanding intervals

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3. Tricks to help you remember intervals

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4. Easy melodies that use major intervals

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