Electric Guitar 101: Part 2 - Learning your first chords

Beginner guitar lessons from JamPlay

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This is the second instalment of Electric Guitar 101 – a series of beginners guitar lessons brought to you in conjunction with JamPlay.com.

Lesson two takes a look at some basic chords, strumming techniques and other useful advice for guitar newbies, including the merits of learning to play with a metronome.

If you haven't watched the first part of the series you can find it here:

Electric Guitar 101: Part 1 - Your first guitar lesson

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2.1 Introduction

2.2 Key Terms

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2.3 Playing an E chord

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2.4 Playing an A chord

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2.5 Strumming and metronomes

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2.6 Playing with a metronome

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2.7 Backing track

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2.8 Transitions

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