Steal Their Sound: Steve Cradock (Paul Weller/Ocean Colour Scene)

It's Grand Theft Axe as TG reveals the gems stashed inside professional gigbags!

Paul Weller/Ocean Colour Scene guitarist, Steve Cradock, talks us through his gear list.

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Guitar and amplifier

Gibson SG 1972 Standard (From £1,500 used)
"I really like the whammy bar on it – it gives you that 50s trem sound. I play it on a song called Falling Rocks from my new album [The Kundalini Target]. The SG has power to it, and it distorts at a good level."

Blackstar Artisan 30 (£1,329)
"They blew me f***ing head off when I first tried them! With Paul [Weller]'s setup we started using combos on the floor 'cos we saw YouTube footage of The Move. They sound great and their aesthetic's really cool!"

Gibson J-200 (£2,799)
"The acoustic is all over the new album. I've got another J-200 in Nashville tuning, so it's
an octave higher apart from the top B and E strings. As soon as you play it, it makes you sound better and it makes normal chords sound a bit special."

Effects Pedals

Danelectro Back Talk Reverse Delay (Around £60 used)
"You put this backwards pedal on and it sounds like a track off [The Beatles'] Revolver. It makes a normal guitar solo more interesting – it's more psychedelic."

Boss TR-2 Tremolo (£86)
"I set it all on four so it's really fast and abrasive. It reminds me of the Nuggets and Pebbles boxsets of 60s underground music. They put bass and vocals through really fast tremolos. I've been digging that lately."

Boss DD-6 Digital Delay (Around £70 USED)
"I use this as a sound effect, when I hit the guitar or hit the strings up top. It's from the reggae school of things. It's a short delay but I have loads of repeats on it. It sounds like a flock of geese leaving the nest!"

Dunlop Crybaby Wah (£142)
"Obviously a wah-wah is a funky thing, and we're definitely not a funk band, so I try not to use it as a funk instrument. It's usually either associated with funk or Hendrix, but I try to use it as a tone thing."

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