Issue 132 - December 2006

Jason Bonham

Jason talks exclusively about his father's legend & finding his own identity.

John Tempesta
Mark Schulman
Jamie Little
Liam Bradley

The latest news from planet drum, interviews with Chad Channing, The Long Blondes and Shadow Aspect, book, DVD and live reviews, the hottest new drum products and much, much more...

Math Priest's advice for up-and-coming drummers. Plus your demos reviewed.

Manic Street Prechers, 'A Design For Life'

What's on, when and where

Win a performance percussion kit worth £299, Marrell hi-hat toppers and Bigfoot Kickbeaters, stick holder packs and a Gretsch, Sabian and Gibraltar setup worth £3,000. Phew!

Play Drums

Techniques, expert advice, play alongs, top tips and more...

Learn to Play
Manic Street Preachers – 'A Design For Life'
Switchfoot – 'Redemption'

Getting started
Jazz Turnarounds

Metal Essentials
Reflex-building Exercises

Drum Pioneers
Adam Bushell on Mitch Mitchell

Technical Difficulties
Phrasing With Brushes

Drum Break
Codal concepts II

Peter Erskine
Rhythm Of Life

Recording Drums
EQ and Reverb with Pete Riley

Gear Reviews

Pacific MXR Drum Kit
Tama Chrome Iron Cobra Pedals
Cannon Adder Drum Kit
Toca Elite Series Percussion
Premier Cabria XPK Drum Kit
Remo World Percussion

On the CD

Exclusive track!
Will Calhoun 'Afro Blue'

Plus much, much more...

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