Wave Alchemy Mutate review

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A two-in-one from Wave Alchemy

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Our Verdict

Mutate's engine is thoroughly usable and flexible enough to get the job done, while the soundbank is a versatile source of interesting and edgy sounds, with an emphasis on bass and EDM flavours.


  • Flexible engine.


  • Very few.
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A refreshingly simple proposition, this Kontakt 5/Player library comprises two separate instrument types – Designed Presets and Raw Waveforms, each with its own presets – powered by 3.7GB of samples grabbed from a hybrid analogue/digital Eurorack modular synth setup.

The Raw Waveforms NKI features three main oscillators, each of which can load one of 42 multisampled waveforms, and a sub-oscillator with five available waves; while Designed Presets offers 142 looped multisamples of programmed patches, with filtering and modulation cooked in, and controls for start point offset and randomisation.

The three-page scripted interface for both incorporates filtering, distortion, modulation and unison, plus a powerful 14-lane, 32-step sequencer for modulation of a fixed set of parameters (pitch, filter cutoff, effects, etc), and Modulation (Flanger, Phase or Chorus), Reverb and Delay effects.

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