Big Fish Audio Soundscapes for Cinema

Bringing the sounds of the big screen to your studio

This sample pack from Big Fish Audio offers the user an array of sounds designed to add colour and depth to a movie soundtrack.

There's loads of material here for the soundtrack and film score composer – 2GB to be precise. Supplied as Apple Loop/AIFF files, the samples come categorised as Acoustic Oddities, Mixed Loops, One-shot Effects, Pads and Atmospheres, Percussion Loops and Tonal Loops.

The sound quality is up to Big Fish Audio's usual high standard, and you get a good variety of useable content. Of particular note are the bowed harps in the Acoustic Oddities section – these perfectly illustrate the alternative, ethereal tones that are typical of this collection.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Varied and unusual samples.


Not a lot.


Any film score composer will cherish these diverse and unique samples.

Amount of content



AIFF Apple Loops



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