Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime

How about a little Brian May or Edward Elgar to rouse you from your slumber?

Alarm clock radios – and their made-for-iPod descendents – have always held a strongly diametric level of appeal.

For some, a varying pattern of sound waves each morning is a precursor to a missed train, while others are happy to banish the beep and rely on Survivor's Eye of the Tiger to kick-start their day.

If you fall into the latter category, the Pure-Fi Anytime might just be your new favourite toy.

Logitech entered the alarm clock market last year with the impressive Pure-Fi Dream, though its £170 MSRP afforded it limited appeal. The Anytime serves as its smaller, restrained sibling, focusing on waking you up rather than affective acoustics, while still providing much of the well-realised alarm functionality that made the Dream so appealing.

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4 / 5 stars

Multiple alarms/playlists. Reliable alarm functionality. Motion sensor. Illumination doesn't light room


Uni-directional sound. Stiff buttons


It's not going to replace your hi-fi, but as an alarm clock it's a superb choice


Remote control


iPod Docking system with Radio and Alarm clock


Motion-activated, backlit controls / Dual alarm with motion-sensing snooze / High-contrast, easy-to-read display / Recessed iPod/iPhone dock / Digital AM/FM radio

Additional features

DAB radio

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