Sonosaurus Drumjam

A must-try percussion app

Developed in assocation with top percussionist Pete Lockett, Sonosaurus' Drumjam is a percussion toolbox featuring all the 'world' essentials (congas, tabla, djembe, cajon, drum kit, etc), represented by up to 20 loops each in the top half of the interface and a contextual set of performance pads in the bottom half.

"The looped instruments are panned and levelled by dragging them around in their window"

Drag as many instruments as you like into the top window, choose the loop for each one, then jam along on the pads, with left-thumb control over pitchbend, effects (reverb, delay, bit-reduction and distortion) via a series of 'ribbons'.

The looped instruments are panned and levelled by dragging them around in their window, which also hosts an X/Y-controlled filter with flexible input routing.

A ton of preset ensembles are included, and there's also a powerful roll feature, a huge amount of settings and variables to play with, audio recording and export, and Audiobus support.

MusicRadar Rating

4.5 / 5 stars

Sounds great. Fun!


No way to customise patterns.


The sounds are fantastic, the rhythms are smoking and the fun is immense. We'd love the ability to customise the patterns, but that aside, Drumjam is awesome.


Handheld percussion looping and jamming app for iOS devices



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