Loopmasters Deep House Producer Harley & Muscle

Sample pack from the Italian house artists

This is the latest in Loopmasters' Artist Series and at first glance, it appears that the number of samples is quite small.

There's less than 500 samples included here and 200 of them single-hit drum sounds.

But the majority of loops are a full four bars long and with all the sample patches and whatnot, it adds up to 2GB of content.

There are drum loops, basslines, leads, piano and string patches – all of which are impressive. The strings are full and warm, and we had great fun with the bass loops.

It's a must for house producers, particularly of the deep variety!

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Great quality sounds, particularly the bass and strings.


Not a huge amount of samples for your money.


If you're into house then this is the sample pack for you.


50+ 4 Bar Deep House Drum loops, 42 Bass lines, 9 Lead Loops, 48 Piano Samples, 25 String Loops, 8 SFx samples and around 200 Single Hit Deep House Drum Samples, 10 Multi Sampled Rhode and Pianos


Tempos range from 115 to 125 BPM, and you will find a consummate collection of some of the finest Deep House samples, including deep and lush Rhodes chords and multis, fine Deep House Drumloops and progressions, Lead sounds, Deep Bass lines and a superb collection of lush String Progressions which will fill any dance floor within minutes!

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