Hollow Sun Advanced Noise Generator

A sound designers dream at a wallet-friendly price

Hollow Sun's newest set of Kontakt 4/5 instruments are designed for the generation and manipulation of noise.

The three raw samples (white, pink and low-frequency noise) are each two minutes long and were made using analogue hardware. The scripted Kontakt instrument that houses them is packed with modulation and filtering controls, as well as delay, reverb and distortion effects.

Messing up the sound sources is easy and gratifying, with the results ranging from straightforward risers, fallers and whooshes to rhythmic effects and percussive lines that belie their noise-based roots. The instrument works equally well either used on its own or layered under pads, percussion beds and so on for track seasoning.

Our only issue is that the interface is very, very dark and low-contrast, but otherwise it provides rich, beautiful noise in a powerful synth-style interface.

MusicRadar Rating

5 / 5 stars

Easy to get stuck in. Loads of modulation and filtering options.


Dark, low-contrast interface.


Another pocket-change winner from Hollow Sun.


Kontakt 4/5 library

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