The GigRig Generator review

    The bespoke pedal power supply option

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    Our Verdict

    Costs mount as you expand, but this is a perfectly tailored and future-proofed option

    Buying options

    Known for pedals and switching, TheGigRig also offers its Modular Power Supply system, with thePower Path Diagram service, where it will design a system for your specific pedals.

    For a challenge, we put together an 11-pedal array, with some singular requirements (18V, Boss ACA, high-current, battery connector only, reverse polarity) – and the company built a complete solution. At its heart is the Generator, which supplies 5 amps of power – you then add Distributors, Isolators and Adaptors, and you can trim cables to length.

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    Tech Specs

    Country of OriginUK