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Forgetting your effects settings? There's an app for that

Ever thought it would be a good idea to have an iPad/iPhone app capable of cataloguing your guitar effects settings? Apparently, Sahe Audio agrees with you.

"Rekawl is a dedicated app for capturing gear settings and keeping them all in one organised place"

We all have different ways of recalling our favoured positions of the knobs on our amps or pedals - some may stick masking tape on and mark the positions with a pen, some may opt for a chinagraph pencil mark directly onto the metal, while, recently, many players have started taking a photo of their pedal settings for easy reference.

Now there's a new way that refines that iPhone photo method and takes it to a new level. Rekawl is a dedicated app for capturing gear settings and keeping them all in one organised place.

In Use

With Rekawl on an iPhone or iPad (an Android version should be coming soon) you can take a photo for each individual piece of gear, name it, add additional notes and then be able to instantly recall all of that through a hierarchical menu system.

One typical use would be if you created a sound while recording and wanted to archive that for future reference - you could take pictures of all the guitar and studio gear involved and store those settings with the song name.

Also, for setting up your rig for live work you could organise sounds by set list. Rekawl also has templates to facilitate the export of all your notes and images to a computer.

MusicRadar Rating

3.5 / 5 stars

All settings stored in one place. Allows you to add detailed notes.


A manual or more online tutorials would be helpful.


If you want to quickly recall then recreate a particular sound, this is the app to do it with. There's also a Lite version that costs just 69p if you want to try it out…


Dedicated app for gear settings


Take pictures, add notes and archive settings in a hierarchical menu system


iOS, Android

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