Finhol Classic Overdrive review

A pristine-r Tube Screamer

  • £102
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Our Verdict

A superb device that oozes class.


  • An excellent all-rounder.


  • None.

This brings a touch of class to an old favourite, with a toggle switch to select between the warmer, smoother original Ibanez TS-808 sound and the slightly more compressed and brighter TS-9.

But unlike the original, it's about more than extra headroom - that would be a disservice to its staggering quality. At lower settings it blends in subtly, adding just a smattering of crunch as you dig in.

On full whack, however, it's got all the roar and sustain of a classic Marshall.

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Tech Specs

Unit Power Source9V DC Adaptor
Pedal TechnologyTrue bypass