Maxon CS-550 Stereo Chorus Pro pedal review

    Lush chorusing with extended control

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    Our Verdict

    An extremely versatile chorus pedal in mono or stereo.


    • Quiet operation; loads of control over the sound in mono or stereo.


    • Hard to fault with so much adjustment on tap.
    Buying options

    Designed from a brief that stipulated true analogue circuitry, low noise and versatility, the CS-550 has a built-in compander to eliminate unwanted noise and features four-knob operation.


    Adjustable delay time (which changes the shifted frequency) combined with standard speed and depth controls provides a wide range of sparkle and swirl from classic chorus, rotary speaker emulation and lush vibrato.

    Meanwhile a tiny, tucked-away mix control determines the level of effected sound versus the dry signal, so you can have standard chorus pedal operation or blend in really subtle amounts of chorus.

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    Tech Specs

    Country of OriginJapan
    Features4PDT mechanical true bypass
    Chorus ParamtersFilter