Yamaha CG122MS nylon string acoustic

Earlier this year Yamaha re-jigged its line of affordable CG 'classical' guitars, but you don't need a footstool and a Spanish repertoire to appreciate them.

The Chinese-made CG122MS kicks off the new range and with its understated classical style, solid, albeit wide-grained, Englemann spruce top, laminated nato back and sides and three piece-laminate nato neck with a tidily-fretted and bound rosewood fingerboard, it's a good place to start your nylon journey.

But it isn't just the specification and price – not for the first time, Yamaha's obsessive attention to detail creates an instrument that plays, feels and sounds like something more expensive.


With its full, classical-style 52mm (2.05-inch) nut width and 58mm spread at the bridge, married to a very comfortable neck profile, the CG122MS plays well straight out of the box and is only let down by slightly round-topped frets.

Sound-wise it has a nice clear, dry high end, robust mid-range and only slightly light bass. It's nicely in-tune (not least thanks to a compensated saddle) and we get position markers at the fifth and seventh frets. Great quality for the price, impressive sound and projection, and nicely in-tune with easy playability.

MusicRadar Rating

4.5 / 5 stars

Quality spec, build and sound. Price. Matt finish.


Slightly rough topped frets.


Here's a perfect nylon-string for beginners and an ideal inexpensive guitar to have kicking about at home for more experienced players.

Country of Origin


Back Material

Laminated nato

Fingerboard Material


Sides Material

Laminated nato

Top Material

Solid Englemann spruce

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