Zildjian A Custom ReZo Cymbals review

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Excellent hat, splash, pang and ride additions

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ReZo Pang (centre) gives a lively stick sound over an exotic wash
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A combination of finishing techniques bring bright frequencies

Our Verdict

Everything about the ReZo range, from their mix and match combination of techniques to their name (a deliberately misspelt abbreviation of 'resonate') is up-to-the-minute - even the resurrection of the classic pang design feels oddly contemporary.


  • The A Custom range contains some of Zildjian's most modern sounds. New ReZo additions sit easily among the established models. Stunning looks, sweet sounds.


  • The pricing - such modernity doesn't come cheap.
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ReZo cymbals are part of Zildjian's A Custom range and were introduced - in crash form only - in 2008. For 2009 (announced at Winter NAMM), Zildjian has expanded the choice of ReZo models to include hi-hats, splashes, pangs and a ride.


The A Custom line was originally developed with long-time Zildjian endorsee Vinnie Colaiuta. Though Vinnie was not involved in the R&D of ReZo cymbals, Zildjian had to seek his approval before incorporating them into the A Custom range.

ReZos break with the A Custom tradition by not having an exclusively brilliant finish. Instead, they feature a combination of techniques which have been incorporated to bring bright frequencies and a quick response.

"The mellower cousins of chinas, pangs are spicy crash/rides whose design dates back to the '60s. The ReZo pangs fit the mould perfectly, giving a lively stick sound over an exotic wash"

Bands of full and spiral lathing alternate from the edge to the bell. This contrast is heightened under any kind of lighting, where the deeper spirally lathed areas stand out from the more muted bands of full lathing. The appearance is capped by the brilliantly finished bells gleaming away in the centre.

Hands on

The pair of 10" and 12" splashes certainly deliver the promised high end. They both open with immediate brightness and are clean to the point of being clinical. The 10" model's diameter makes it quicker, but the 12" version is slightly sweeter.

Two sets of hi-hats make their ReZo debut in 14" and 15" sizes. The bottom cymbals have six thumb-sized semi-circle cutouts spaced around the edge to enable air to escape. The 14" pair possesses a crisp and musical blend of high frequencies. Wonderfully responsive when played softly, they are also aggressive at the louder end of the scale.

Although only an inch bigger, the 15" pair feels more substantial in all areas. As such, they are not as versatile as the 14" hats. However, the cutting note and punishing volume they produce will be exactly what those partial to big hats seek.

The single ReZo ride is 21" in diameter and medium heavy, and so is on the sturdy side. It gives a glassy ping that sits above a bed of shimmering brightness. The unlathed bell sounds separate from the bow and is relatively untroubled by overtones.

Completing the range are two 16" and 18" pangs. The mellower cousins of chinas, pangs are spicy crash/rides whose design dates back to the '60s. The ReZo pangs fit the mould perfectly, giving a lively stick sound over an exotic wash. They both open for crashing easily, but the trashy tones they produce are infused with warmth and decay gently.

Tech Specs

FinishLathed/Natural and Brilliant
Drum Kit Components1 x Ride Cymbal 2 x Hi Hat Cymbals
Country of OriginUSA
Cymbal diameter10"-21"