Gibraltar Prowler 5611 review

    The Prowler bass drum pedal has had a revamp - it looks good and plays smoothly

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    Our Verdict

    The revamp was worth it - a decent, entry-level pedal.


    • Offset cam with high-quality bearings. A suitably powerful action.


    • Nothing of note.
    Buying options

    Gibraltar's revamped Prowler now comes with a vented pedal board that gives it a no-nonsense look. It boasts an offset cam and heavy-duty bearings, and the action is suitably powerful, though also supple.

    Also with an easily accessible hoop clamp and funky dual-sided beater.

    Tech Specs

    Description• Single Chain CAM drive system • Single Chain CAM drive system • Easy Key access hoop clamp • ROCK plate with Velcro base • Dual Surface Beaters