Pearl Percussion Jingle Cajon

New noise box fun from Pearl

Over the last few years Pearl has expanded its hand percussion lines vastly. Everything from quality Afro-Cuban instruments to traditional Brazilian Samba drums are offered but they also present some imaginative twists on the cajon.


"Ingenious fibreglass surrounds and hardwood playing surfaces not only produce great tones, but also make the instrument more affordable"

So many of the best sounding cajons available today are lovingly crafted from a variety of often pretty costly woods and as such this, along with artisan hours, tends to result in some fairly hefty price tags.

Pearl in collaboration with percussionist Pete Korpela has used ingenious fibreglass surrounds and hardwood playing surfaces, which not only produces great tones but makes the instrument more affordable.

The Jingle Cajon has familiar dimensions with three internal fixed snare-wire sets and rear sound hole, but mounted on the frontplate are two sets of adjustable jingles to further enhance its sound.

One set has two steel tambourine-style jingles while the second set features 'closed' and drier sounding pandiero-style 'Platinella' jingles.

Hands On

The Jingle Cajon is easy on the hands with a smooth, yielding Exotic Carubinga finish and the instrument gives you substantial volume and impressive musical tones.

Both of the jingle sets can be easily adjusted via a twist of the dial in the middle of the jingles and can go from totally disengaged right through to sloshy or super snappy. You have the choice of totally off, platinella only, tambourine only or a combination of the two!

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Innovative and feature-laden. Price.


Not much!


Not only does it sound great and look funky, with price tags like this, Pearl has done our wallets a favour too.

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