Vater Buzz Kill review

  • £6.99

Vater's sticky little Buzz Kill drum dampeners are surprisingly effective

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Our Verdict

Another perfectly good option for dampening your drum sound.


  • Very adhesive and surprisingly effective.


  • Nothing of note.
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Sticky little discs about 1½" in diameter, Vater's Buzz Kills take the same approach to drum head discipline as RTOM Moongel.

Extremely squishy and tacky, they'll stick to both batter and resonant heads and are surprisingly effective at eliminating unwanted sustain. Even a single Buzz Kill makes a noticeable difference to the cohesiveness of a drum's tone. If you really push the boat out and use two or even three together, you can really go to town in terms of shaping your tones.

Tech Specs

Dry VentsNo
Internal RingNo
Removable EQ Muffle RingNo