Gibraltar 6608

This drum throne resembles an old fashioned motorcycle seat - let's hope it's not a bumpy ride

Included in the company's mid-range 6600 hardware series. The cushion is contoured to resemble an old-fashioned motorcycle seat and is 70mm deep, though quite firm. Height is adjustable telescopically, keeping the weight down, from 44 to 69cm.

The cushion has a snug-fitting socket which the hollow tube locates into underneath. It is possible that regular use will misshape the tube to the degree that inserting and/or retrieving it from the socket could prove a little problematic.

MusicRadar Rating

2 / 5 stars

Telescopic adjustability keeping it nice and light. Deep and firm.


The connecting tube might misshape over time.


There's better thrones on the market but if you like old-school motorcycles, this is for you.


The height can be adjusted between 44 and 69cm



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