Hagstrom Deuce F review

  • £536
  • $1099.99

Introducing a heavyweight contender - in more ways than one

Image 1 of 2 Hagstrom Deuce F
The Hagstrom Deuce is a bruiser of a guitar...
Image 2 of 2 Hagstrom Deuce F
...but its extra heft and oversized headstock deliver phenomenal tone.

Our Verdict

For the money, you'll struggle to find a better guitar than this. A real winner.


  • Superb tone and true versatility.


  • You'll need a strong back.
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It might have a chambered body, but the Hagstrom Deuce F is a monster of a guitar that tips the scales at 3.85kg. That may seem like a deal breaker, but don't be hasty: this brute might just win you over yet.

Playability is up there with the best of them. Hagstrom employs an ultra-stiff trussrod system that enables it to fit slim profile necks that don't compromise tuning stability.

"Stomp on the filth with the bridge humbucker engaged for a fantastic aggressive tone; a thrilling combination of edge and beef that kills for metal and punk."

Like all Hagstrom guitars, the Deuce F features a 'Resinator' fingerboard. This is a composite material that offers a feel and tone similar to ebony.

The 'board is studded with 22 well-seated, well-dressed frets.

The Deuce's Custom 58 humbuckers are each wired to a dedicated volume and push/pull tone control. Pull the tone knobs and each 'bucker splits for singlecoil sounds; push it to activate humbucker mode.

The only problem is with the Gibson-style 'bell' knobs: they're tough to pull.

You have to dig the meat of your fingers under the skirts of the knobs to shift them, and even our heavily calloused claws found that a bit uncomfortable after a few attempts. Fatter knobs would make coil splitting easier.


Maybe it's the oversized headstock, the body chambers, the 10mm-thick maple top or the stiff neck, but the Deuce F pumps out an incredible amount of sustain.

It could also be the over-engineered tailpiece that sees each string threaded through its own tone block, which is then anchored to the guitar's body via a thick slab of Perspex.

It works brilliantly, even if it looks a bit bonkers. Luckily, the whole thing is covered by a chrome plate.

Plugging the Deuce F in is a revelation. Stomp on the filth with the bridge humbucker engaged for a fantastic aggressive tone; a thrilling combination of edge and beef that kills for metal and punk.

While it's less adept at bright rhythm jangle, the Deuce F still cleans up well. The neck humbucker also excels for jazz chords and weeping, bluesy lead tones.

The Hagstrom Deuce F is an unusual beast, it's a bit on the heavy side and isn't quite as well-finished as competitors such as the PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow.

However, its incredible tone and sustain mark it out as one of the best affordable rock guitars we've ever tested. If your spine can take it, give it a whirl.

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Tech Specs

Country of OriginChina
Available Controls2 x Tone 2 x Volume 3-way Pickup Selector
Fingerboard MaterialResinator
Left Handed Model AvailableYes
Top MaterialMaple
Guitar Body MaterialMahogany
Available FinishTobacco Sunburst, Black Gloss, White Gloss, Cardinal Red, Vintage Emerald Stone