Takamine EG512C Four String

Takamine has a great track record as far as electro-acoustic guitars are concerned. They are extremely gig-friendly, well-built, comfortable to play and produce the kind of focused sound that PA engineers love.

So it should come as no surprise that we get the same qualities in this tasty-looking bass version.


The unadorned rosewood fingerboard and bridge give this a very clean look that is brought to life by the abalone rosette and multi-line beading.

Essentially a classic looking instrument with cutaway provided for higher fret access and (thankfully!) it comes with two strap buttons. It is also available in a flame finish at the slightly higher cost of £475.

The EG512C is loaded with a TK-40B preamp that is more comprehensive than most. The three-band EQ has the benefit of a rotary mid-shift control and there's also a bass boost provided to aid that focused sound principle.

Along with the volume control comes an EQ bypass that is very useful to kill any of those nasty runaway feedback problems instantaneously, giving you time to adjust the settings.

There's also an onboard tuner and a battery check switch, as well as easy access to the power pack itself.


This Takamine is not as deep in the body as some electro-acoustic basses out there so is comfortable to play but with a loud natural voice.

The power is plentiful when you engage the preamp and the degree of sound adjustment is extremely impressive.

The lack of fingerboard dots will deter some players but edge markers are included.

MusicRadar Rating

4.5 / 5 stars

Very gig friendly. Easy to control. Great amplified tones.


Lack of fingerboard inlays will unsettle some players.


What we like most about this is the gig-ready practicality and balanced sound characteristics – as a result it's a professional instrument for a sensible financial outlay.

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Electrics: TK-40B preamp - three band EQ, mid-shift, ass boost, volume, EQ bypass, tuner and battery check

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