Tonebytes Tape Noise plugin released

Emulates everything from reels to compact cassettes

Tonebytes Tape Noise
Tonebytes Tape Noise: if you want some 'wow' on your tracks, it could be worth a flutter...

One of the quirks of the music technology market is that you can buy plugins both to remove noise and to add it. Tonebytes' new Tape Noise processor is, unsurprisingly, designed to do the latter.

Offering 21 tape noise profiles (including samples of magnetic tapes, compact cassettes and reels), this promises to add an analogue flavour to your recordings. A built-in EQ enables you to emphasize or reduce certain parts of the profile, and you can also adjust the frequency response and amount of wow 'n' flutter. 32 presets are included to get you started.

You can download the demo of Tape Noise or buy it for $20/€15 from the Tonebytes website.

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