Tomy DeClerque's Traktor and Maschine DJ rig

See how the Slovenian techno DJ uses Traktor, the X1 and Maschine for his sets

Tomy DeClerque
DeClerque stays at the cutting edge
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Unearthed from the Future Music Magazine archives, we found this video from last year that shows you what happened when FM met Slovenian techno DJ Tomy DeClerque.

An artist and DJ in his own right, DeClerque is also known for his engineering and mixdown work for UMEK. In the video above he shows how a stack of Native Instruments products, an Allen & Heath mixer and a Korg Mini Kaoss Pad give him the power and flexibility for maximum creativity in the DJ booth.

Are overly technical DJ set ups a good or a bad thing? Do you care how the DJ delivers the music? Let us know your thoughts.