Summer NAMM 2012 video: TC-Helicon VoiceTone Mic Mechanic demoed

TC-Helicon's Laura Davidson looks mighty happy with the Mic Mechanic
(Image: © Joe Bosso)

We stopped by the TC-Helicon booth at Summer NAMM to check out the latest product in TC-Helicon's popular VoiceTone range, the Mic Mechanic, a fire-engine red little pedal that offers reverbs, delays and pitch correction for vocalists.

Designed for live use, the Mic Mechanic has a simple, easy-to-use control layout, while the Tone button enables you to apply adaptive EQ, compression, de-essing and gating.

Double-threat talent Laura Davidson, who's a wonderful singer as well as the marketing manager for TC-Helicon, showed off her impressive pipes while demoing the capabilities of the Mic Mechanic in the above video.