Sinevibes releases Hexonator spectral effect plugin

Creates chord progressions, melodic textures and ambient drones

Sinevibes Hexonator

Hexonator is the latest sparsely-interfaced but potentially spectacular-sounding plugin from Sinevibes, a specialist in slightly esoteric Mac audio processors.

This particular device is intended for creating "organic chord progressions, tasty melodic textures, or ambient drones out of almost anything".

It does this via six melodically-tuned resonators that can isolate and emphasise matching frequency components of an incoming signal. The chord sequencer enables you to play the resonators musically, while there's also a multimode filter. For even more variation, you can use the two modulators, each of which offers multiple waveforms.

To find out more, check out audio demos and download a demo, head to the Sinevibes website. Hexonator costs $39.

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