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It's hard to believe that, in the space of most of our lifetimes, a completely unknown new musical technology has gone from science fiction to utter ubiquity, via novelty and controversy. Indeed, even those of us old enough to have experienced a time before digital sampling mostly struggle to remember it.

The term 'sampling' originally referred to the act of converting real-world analogue waveforms into 'sampled' digital snapshots of sonic moments, which could be stored, manipulated and played back. Nowadays, almost all the music we hear - whether on TV, radio, the internet or CDs - is already in digital format. The only exceptions are music on tape or vinyl, though if those tapes or vinyl are playing music recorded in the last 20 years, you can bet they've gone through a digital process at some point.

In short, sampling is now truly ubiquitous, and in MusicRadar's special week of content, we're celebrating the technology, techniques and characters who have helped to make it so. We'll be updating this page with new content as it's published, so keep checking back to ensure that you don't miss a thing.

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