SampleTank iOS updated with SampleMoog

In-app ROMpler offers "an A-Z of Moog history" in samples

YouTube :

IK Multimedia's SampleTank iOS app, which turns your iPad or iPhone into virtual keyboard instrument, has been relaunched to include the popular sound collection SampleMoog as an in-app purchase. Until now, SampleMoog had been a desktop-only app in standalone or plugin formats.

SampleMoog is effectively a ROMpler that offers users the chance to play samples taken from the mightiest instruments in Moog's back catalogue - including MiniMoog, Taurus pedals, Little Phatty and more.

According to Sonic Reality, who worked with IK Multimedia to make the mobile edition happen, the in-app purchase offers "an A-Z of Moog history."

To find out more about SampleTank and SampleMoog, visit IK Multimedia. If it's a purchase you're after, SampleTank costs $9.99/£6.99 for iPad via the App Store, with the SampleMoog in-app purchase costing $19.99/£13.99.

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