Reloop announces Keypad and Keyfadr Ableton Live controllers

Choose a keyboard with pads or without them

YouTube :
Image 1 of 4 Reloop Keypad
The Reloop Keypad is full of control options.
Image 2 of 4 Reloop Keypad
The top view.
Image 3 of 4 Reloop Keyfadr
If you don't need the pads, try the Keyfadr.
Image 4 of 4 Reloop Keyfadr
Top view.

Reloop's new Keypad and Keyfadr (the missing 'e' is theirs, not ours) are compact MIDI controllers that are designed specifically for users of Ableton Live.

Both offer 25 velocity-sensitive mini keys, eight faders, 16 rotary knobs and eight endless encoders, with the Keypad also adding 16 velocity-sensitive backlit drum pads. Transport controls are included on both devices, too.

The Keypad is one of the deepest mini keyboards we've seen - in fact, it's almost square - but it appears to pack in plenty of control. Both products have an onboard arpeggiator and ship with a copy of Ableton Live Lite 9 (they're said to be plug 'n' play with Ableton's software).

You can see the Keypad in action in the video above. No news yet on prices or availability, but there are further spec details on the Reloop website.

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