NAMM 2010: the ultimate guide

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NAMM 2010
NAMM 2010

The Winter NAMM Show is the most important date in the music-making industry calendar, bringing together all the major hardware and software manufacturers for a trade-only convention in Anaheim, California.

The 2010 bash runs from 14-17 January 2010, and MusicRadar will be reporting live from the show floor. We'll be bringing you up-to-the minute news, pictures and videos of the latest product announcements, celebrity appearances and anything else that catches our eye.

If you want to keep track of everything that's going on, bookmark this page and check it reguarly. If it's happening at NAMM, you'll find it right here.

From the show floor

NAMM 2010: the year of electronic drums

Day One highlights

Day Two highlights

Day Three highlights

Day Four highlights

From The Basement

Ableton and Serato show The Bridge in video

6 OP-1 videos from Teenage Engineering

Vox stand in pictures

Fender phone on video

JamHub silent rehearsal mixer/recorder on video

Slash unveils new Marshall AFD100 amplifier

Chad Smith talks music in schools on video

VIDEO: Korg Kaossilator Pro demo

VIDEO: See TC's PolyTune tune all our strings at once

In pictures: the Roland NAMM 2010 stand

Eigenlabs Tau in action and on video

Fender G-DEC 3 video demo

Ray Charles's engineer speaks

The Fender stand in pictures

Teenage Engineering's OP-1 on video

New Mellotron plus modular madness in pictures

Akai iPK25 and APC20 in pictures

Orange Amplifiers stand in pictures

NAMM 2010: Day One highlights

Zakk Wylde launches Marshall JMD:1 amps


In pictures: Mapex's redesigned Black Panther snare range

NAMM 2010: rumour round-up

Product news


Boss unveils TU-3 chromatic tuner

Budda debuts new leather-clad guitar amps

Taylor announces Serj Tankian Signature Model T5

Taylor launches Jason Mraz signature acoustic

Randall introduces all-tube RT Series amps

Randall expands Nuno Bettencourt Series with NB King 112

Yamaha reveals new Super-BB Basses

Yamaha launches new SG guitars

Yamaha announces CG Classical Guitars

Yamaha unveils FSX electro-acoustic guitars

Fender and Eric Clapton release Limited Edition myTouch 3G mobile phone

Taylor launches customisable solidbody guitars

Pro Co reissues '85 Whiteface RAT distortion pedal

Peavey unveils Nano Vypyr guitar amp

Peavey announces Impulse 12D speaker enclosure

Peavey unveils four new VB Series bass amp cabs

Peavey unleashes PXD Odyssey guitars

Peavey expands Ecoustic Series with Rehearsal guitar amps

Peavey unveils the Butcher guitar amp head

Peavey debuts Predator Plus EXP Stoptail electric guitar

Peavey introduces EU Series speaker enclosures

Peavey launches PXD Vicious Series, Devin Townsend Signature axe

Peavey adds Session 300 amp to Ecoustic Series

PRS Guitars introduces the PRS 30 Combo amp

PRS presents five new Signature SE guitars

Dr Epiphone announces UK store clinic tour

Ampeg unveils Heritage Series guitar amps

Ampeg reveals Pro Neo Series amp cabs

Ampeg reveals two new SVT-PRO Series amp heads

Marshall releases limited Dave Mustaine Megastack

Vox introduces V845 Classic Wah guitar pedal

DigiTech reveals JamMan Solo and Stereo Looper pedals

T-Rex introduces The Chameleon power supply

TC Electronic PolyTune "revolutionises" guitar tuning

Peavey introduces Headliner Series bass amps

Peavey expands PXD Series to bass guitars

Peavey unveils 6534+ guitar amp

Peavey announces ReValver MK III

Vox announces new electric guitars

Peavey introduces HP Single Cut Series guitars

Vox announces AGA70 acoustic guitar amp

Vox introduces Pathfinder Bass 10 amp

Vox announces new AC Custom range

Vox reveals AC30VR and AC15VR amps

Boss unveils ME-25 multi-effects guitar pedal

Gibson unveils Slash 2010 Appetite Les Paul

IK Multimedia introduces StealthBoard controller

IK Multimedia presents AmpliTube 3

PRS launches high-spec new SE guitar

Jackson introduces new JS Series guitars

Blackstar set to launch HT-Venue series

Fender announces Custom Shop line-up

Fender introduces the Acoustasonic Tele

Charvel announces new guitars

Gretsch announces Eddie Cochran tribute guitar

New Squier guitars revealed

Fender introduces new American Special series

Fender introduces new G-DEC 3 amps

Martin introduces the new Performing Artist Series

Martin unveils OOC-MR Steve Miller Custom acoustic

Martin introduces the LX Jimmy Buffett guitar

Martin announces D-18 Del McCoury Custom acoustic

Martin reveals OMC-LJ Pro Custom Artist Edition acoustic

Martin unveils X Series Origins Dreadnought

Martin reveals M-30 Jorma Kaukonen Custom acoustic

Taylor introduces the Baritone 8-String Guitar


Dave Smith unveils Mopho Keyboard

MOTU announces Ethno Instrument 2

Stevie Wonder joins Ray Kurzweil for synth launch

Tascam DR-680 is multi-channel portable recorder

Tascam launches compact DR-08 portable recorder

Tascam launches DR-2D portable recorder

Tascam premiers US-800 audio interface

Digidesign releases Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack

Eigenharp Tau revealed by Eigenlabs

Access Virus TI OS 4 unveiled

FXpansion announces BFD Nano

MOTU ships ZBox guitar impedance adapter

Akai reveals iPhone keyboard and app

Akai announces MPD26 pad controller

Focusrite announces OctoPre MkII

Peavey announces ReValver MK III

Ableton and Serato announce The Bridge

Steinberg announces Cubase 5 trial version

Arturia Origin Keyboard to ship in March

Arturia announces Analog Experience hybrid synths

Alesis announces USB Studio electronic drum kit

Alesis reveals DM10 Studio electronic drum kit

Cakewalk introduces A-PRO MIDI controllers

Cakewalk showcases Mobile Studio Canvas

Roland VP-7 creates instant vocal ensembles

Roland adds KC-100 to keyboard amp range

Roland unveils HP-Series SuperNATURAL Pianos

Roland V-Combo VR-700 is "all-in-one stage keyboard"

Roland V-Piano Evolution update announced

Roland unveils Octapad SPD-30 digital percussion pad

Alesis VideoTrack is handheld audio/video recorder

Alesis unveils micron SE synth

Alesis announces MultiMix 6 USB mixer

Alesis PalmTrack is handheld SD recorder

Alesis introduces Q49 keyboard controller

Universal Audio to emulate Dunlop guitar effects

Universal Audio to release Manley Labs EQ plug-ins

Universal Audio to emulate Ampex tape machines

Universal Audio to produce Lexicon, Studer, dbx and AKG plug-ins

Tenori-on Version 2.0 firmware released

TC-Helicon introduces VoiceTone Create XT

Akai APC20 Ableton Live controller announced

SSL announces X-Patch

IK Multimedia introduces StealthBoard controller

IK Multimedia presents AmpliTube 3

Korg Kaossilator Pro unveiled

Korg Sound on Sound recorder offers "unlimited tracks"

EKS unleashes Otus RAW DJ controller

Two new Pocketrak recorders from Yamaha

E-MU announces new Xmidi 1x1 Tab MIDI interface

E-MU ships LONGboard 61 and SHORTboard 49 keyboards

Allen & Heath launches multi-purpose mini mixers

Telefunken showcases AR-51 condenser mic

Peavey and Muse Research introduce the MuseBox


Meinl launches M-Series cymbals

Zildjian unveils 13 new cymbals

Pearl releases Boom Box Cajon

Pearl releases Fun Box Cajon for kids

Pearl presents the EZ-Tune Djembe

Pearl introduces Concert Percussion range

Pearl unveils new Brazilian percussion

Pearl releases New Yorker Cowbells, Marc Quinones Timbal Bell

Pearl debuts Jesus Diaz Signature Cajon

Paiste and Alex Van Halen announce Big Ride

Paiste expands Alpha Series cymbals

Roland unveils Octapad SPD-30 digital percussion pad

Roland unveils TD-12KX V-Drums kit

Pearl previews e-Pro Live electronic drum kit

Alesis announces USB Studio electronic drum kit

Alesis reveals DM10 Studio electronic drum kit

Soultone unveils Old School cymbals

Mapex introduces Voyager Series drums

Mapex unveils Horizon Series drums

Mapex overhauls entire Black Panther Snare Series

Mapex introduces Falcon Bass Drum Pedals