Musikmesse 2011: New Korg analogue synth?

This screen is currently appearing when you open Korg's iMS-20 on the iPad.

It's just over a year since Korg announced the monotron, its first genuine analogue synth in many a long year, and it looks like we may be about to get another one at this year's Frankfurt Musikmesse.

The teaser screen above has started appearing when you open Korg's iMS-20 on the iPad, and asks the user of they're "ready to tweak some real analogue hardware?" Those who answer in the affirmative are advised to "check out and on April 6th!"

You can add to that list: we'll be in Frankfurt and on the hunt for this new product as soon as the show opens. There's no absolute confirmation that it's a proper new synth, but here's hoping…


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