Musical glove concept makes idle tapping worthwhile

Create beats on-the-stop

Musical glove

Here's a concept we don't see everyday: a glove with sensors at each fingertip attached to a recorder with special 'software' and preset sound modes. Enabling (as the diagram below suggests) users to sit back, relax and create beats while idly tapping fingers on a sofa. We'll let designer Petr Hampl explain the rest…

"The point is in friction between surfaces and sensors. Different types of surfaces enable [us] to make sounds and to create a rhythm by tapping. The recorder attached to the glove runs a software which records sounds in preset modes and plays them via wireless headphones in real time."

As previously mentioned, it's a concept we don't see everyday. Unfortunately for Hampl, we have seen it once before. Late September, actually. Remember Piano Hands? And, believe it or not, they're not just a concept…

(Via: Yanko Design)