MellowMuse releases five Mac effects

New developer premieres its plug-ins

MellowMuse releases five Mac effects
A convolution plug-in is one of five releases from MellowMuse.

MellowMuse Software has kicked off its plug-in development programme with the launch of five Mac-compatible effects.

On offer are the CPLA Compressor ($59), the EQ1A Equaliser ($49), the IR1A Convolver convolution plug-in ($69), the Mellowhead guitar tube amp and cab sim ($69), and the Audio Time Adjuster ($29). This last processor is designed to be used in Pro Tools LE when you’re running other plug-ins that generate significant latency.

Their interface’s look clean and tidy, so MusicRadar is looking forward to discovering how the MellowMuse effects sound. They’re all available in the VST format – curiously, there’s currently no Audio Units support – and demo versions are available.

Get the full lowdown at the MellowMuse Software website.

By Ben Rogerson