HoRNet releases TrackUtility "Swiss Army knife plugin"

New tool brings multiple track controls together

Sick of opening multiple utilitarian plugins on each of your tracks? HoRNet's TrackUtility promises to put them all under one roof, giving you channel selection, phase reversal, DC removal, gain adjustment, mute, stereo width and pan controls in a single interface.

The developer also believes that, thanks to the limiter in the output section, TrackUtility is a useful tool to use for quick mastering on your master bus. "Set the RMS to your desired maximum level, engage the auto gain and the limiter, and set the stereo image to taste," says HoRNet.

Find out more on the HoRNet website, where TrackUtility can be purchased in VST/AU/RTAS formats for PC and Mac for €9.90. There's also a demo to download.

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