Free Ableton Live Pack

It's yours for nothing.

Something for Live users to play with this weekend: Ableton is giving away a free Live Pack called the Partner Instrument Compilation.

This collates content from across the Partner Instruments range, which is produced by some of Ableton's "favourite sound partners". These include Soniccouture, e-instruments, Flatpack, Sample Logic, SonArte and Puremagnetik.

The Compilation contains 58 Instrument Racks, 16 Drum Racks, 5 Live Sets and 80 Live Clips, and weighs in at 2.9GB (1.2GB compressed for download). You'll need Ableton Live8, Suite8 or Intro, version 8.1.3 or higher, to run it.

Download the Partner Instrument Compilation from the Ableton website.