FL Studio Performance Mode in development

See clip triggering with Novation Launchpad

FL Studio Performance Mode currently being tested
YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AB_KrKBZZE&

FL Studio has long been a favourite application for music production, but a new Performance Mode feature that's currently in development could make it more likely to appear in the live arena, too.

Currently in Alpha testing, FL Studio developer Image-Line explains the Performance Mode by saying that "It works by dynamically adding clips to the Playlist as you trigger them; in this way it's also a real-time arrangement process. All three clip types (Audio, Automation and Pattern) can be triggered."

Image-Line goes on to give details of how the Performance Mode will work with different types of controller:

Keyboards: there are 12 Clips assignable to each Playlist Track (one octave of a MIDI controller per track)
Novation Launchpad and Mouse:
Unlimited Clips assignable to each Playlist track.
Other pad-based controllers:
Limited only by the number of MIDI note assignable pads

Could this new feature turn FL Studio into a performance application to rival Ableton's Live? Time will tell.