Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess releases new iOS app, SpaceWiz

Rudess wanted to see if an "otherworldly dream" he had could be reality

Image 1 of 2 Dream Theater s Jordan Rudess releases new iOS app SpaceWiz
If you want to make some cosmic, or if you simply want to chill out, Jordan Rudess has an app for that
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Image 2 of 2 Dream Theater s Jordan Rudess releases new iOS app SpaceWiz
SpaceWiz screenshot
YouTube : www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVFVMNYKgx4

Two weeks after Jordan Rudess released the Tachyon app, the Dream Theater keyboard virtuoso and chief programmer Kevin Chartier have a new product for iOS devices, the very cosmic-sounding SpaceWiz.

"We partnered with developer Tobias Miller to see if an otherworldly dream I had could be made into reality," said Rudess. "He was able to bring it completely to life." Rudess and Miller worked together to create every unique sound and image. There are over 250 onboard instruments, as well as 45 presets and access to control external midi instruments.

In the above video (courtesy Noisecreep), Rudess provides a mini run-through of the SpaceWiz, which visually more than lives up to its name. The keyboardist moves his finger on an iPad, "generating particles" which then knock into "planets," creating sounds. It's astronomy meets music, with some intriguing New Age/wellness center possibilities thrown in: Rudess describes sitting back in his dressing room and chilling out to the SpaceWiz, letting the randomization of the app lull him into a blissful state.

For more info on the SpaceWiz, be sure to visit WisdomMusic.com.