Blue Microphones Snowflake is low-cost USB mic

The perfect on-the-go recording device?

Image 1 of 3 Blue Microphones Snowflake
Sadly, the Mac Pro isn't included in the box...
Image 2 of 3 Blue Microphones Snowflake
The case can also work as a desktop stand.
Image 3 of 3 Blue Microphones Snowflake
The USB cable folds away into the case.

Blue Microphones has released some interest-piquing new shots of its Snowflake, which was first announced at the 2008 Winter NAMM show. This is a USB mic that, as you can see, has an unusual and distinctive design.

The Snowflake works plug’n’play on Mac and PC and can be folded away into a compact case. This doubles as a desktop stand or laptop clip.

The fact that Blue is pitching the Snowflake as a podcasting, internet phone and narration device suggests that it doesn’t have the requisite quality to be a full-on recording mic, but it does say that it could be useful for “sketching out a song idea on the go”.

Given that many of us currently put up with the built-in mics on our laptops for capturing scratch vocals, we think there could be quite a lot of interest in the Snowflake, especially as it’ll ship for just $79. Its eye-catching looks will certainly draw people in – all that remains to be seen (or should that be heard?) is how good it sounds…