Avant garde soundtrack-maker Zodiac drops

Zodiac: we predict you will have a chance encounter with this experimental plug-in

Big Fish Audio have released an experimental virtual instrument designed for film composers and ambient music artists, titled Zodiac.

Rather than using synthesisers, the plug-in utilises found sounds, organic sources, processed acoustic instruments and "sonic manipulations" inspired by Avant Garde composers for the source material of its 150 different instrument patches.

These patches are served up in six different categories:

  • Pads & Atmospheres
  • Melodic Instruments
  • Bass Instruments
  • Percussive Instruments
  • Experimental Instruments
  • Zodiac Kits

Perhaps the most enigmatic thing about Zodiac is its interface: looking more like an ancient Ouija Board than an instrument, users can create bespoke sounds via a series of levers, each of which control slightly less-enigmatic terms like Attack, Decay, Sustain and Delay.

Zodiac costs $199. You can find out more about it from Big Fish Audio online.