Spitfire Audio and the London Contemporary Orchestra have created an “experimental and modern” strings library

Contemporary by name...

If you think of orchestral sample libraries as rather stuffy and staid, Spitfire Audio’s latest offering could be the one to change your mind.

This contains strings from the London Contemporary Orchestra, a group of young musicians who’ve previously worked with the likes of Radiohead, Jonny Greenwood, Frank Ocean and Justice. Spitfire says that it’s collaborated with the orchestra to create an “experimental modern string library,” which will be available in 23 February.

You can find out more on the Spitfire Audio website. London Contemporary Orchestra Strings costs £299/$349/€359, though it’ll  be avaiable for the introductory price of £239/$279/€289 until 9 March. It requires the free Kontakt Player (v5.5 and above) to run. 

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