Korg Gadget for Mac is coming on 28 February for $199; could it be the “ideal second DAW”?

Also, Gadget 3 is bringing audio recording to the iPhone and iPad

The news that Korg’s Gadget iOS music production app is coming to the Mac certainly came as a nice surprise last month, but the software is starting to look like an even more intriguing proposition now that we know a little more about it. 

On the downside, anyone hoping that it would be arriving at an iOS-level price is going to be disappointed. The iPhone and iPad version can be had for less than £40, but when the new Mac edition arrives on 28 February it’s going to set you back $199. This is an introductory price, too; the regular price is $299.

However, the price starts to make a lot more sense when you consider that, as well as operating standalone and offering what's described as a "seamless connection" to the iOS version - projects can be synced via the iCloud - Gadget for Mac also comes with the Gadget Plug-In Collection, which means that its devices can be used within your existing AU-, VST- or AAX-compatible DAW.

Gadget for Mac also adds audio recording by way of the Zurich Gadget and a 16-pad drum Gadget known as Recife. As of 28 Feb, the iOS version will get these as part of the version 3 update.

Old favourites

Software versions of Korg’s M1 and ARP Odyssey synths are among the included Gadgets, and a Wavestation Gadget will be added in an update. The plugin compatibility means that Gadget for Mac can effectively be used in two different ways: as a standalone music production platform and a large library of synths and other devices.

What’s more, Korg is keen to stress that this could be “an ideal choice as a second DAW”. There are a variety of export options, including Ableton Live project file export, which includes both audio and MIDI data. So, thanks to the plugin compatibility, Gadget sequences can be perfectly reproduced in Live.

There's also support for the NKS standard, as well as Ableton Link, ReWire, Bluetooth MIDI and Allihoopa.

It feels like Korg is being pretty smart with Gadget for Mac; we can see how it could appeal to a wide range of users. You can find out more on the Korg website, and we’ll let you know how it shapes up as soon as we can.

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