Vox unveils British Racing Green AC amp finish

Why? Because it looks nice, that's why...

Image 1 of 2 Vox unveils British Racing Green amp finish
The new British Racing Green finish is available for a limited time on Vox's AC15, AC30 and AC4 C1 amps
Image 2 of 2 Vox AC4 C1 BRG combo amp

Vox's limited edition blue AC30s must have proved popular after they were unveiled at NAMM 2012 earlier this year, as the firm has now added a limited edition British Racing Green finish option on its AC15, AC30 and AC4 C1 combo amps.

The amps feature the same Tygon grille cloth as the previously available blue finish and are unchanged inside. There's not a lot else to report, apart from the fact that it's pretty, we like it and we hope to see more finish options on the horizon, because we're shallow like that.

The BRG models are set to arrive in October and prices have not yet been confirmed.

Head to the official Vox site for more information.